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A Sunny exclusive!
by Henry G Angeles 

Henry: First of all, how long did it take for the making of "This is Who
I Am, This is What I Do" album of yours?

Jamie: The album has taken over two years to make, mainly due to the
fact that is was completely funded by me and these things aren't cheap
to make!!

Henry: It is comprised of (18) tracks, seven of which written by you.
What are these seven tracks?

Jamie: They are: "Country Girl"," Baby I Love The Way", "I Gotta Know", 
"Partytime", "Spend The Night",  "Tears In the Rain",  "You Set Me On Fire"

Henry: What has made you decide to pursue a solo career in music and
take a rest from being a DJ?

Jamie: When i worked in Mallorca I got a bug for the stage and then I
thought I could have a go at singing the songs instead of playing them,
and the rest, as they say is history!!

Henry: The "Country Girl" song you sang to me over the phone is very
lovely! Who was the "Country girl" inspiration for that song?

Jamie: My Nan was the inspiration for the song "Country Girl". She died
just over a year ago and the song is my tribute to her.

Henry: I wanna call your music as pop, funky and sentimental. Who are
your musical influences apart from Elvis Costello?

Jamie: Freddie Mercury is probably the biggest influence, though there
are many artist who can take the blame for shaping me as a performer!!
Robbie Williams is a big current influence, as is David Gray. I also
love the work of Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, the sound of Motown and
the thing that got me started singing in the first place, the film "The
Commitments". (Elvis Costello is just someone who people say I sound
like, I like some of his stuff but Iím not a huge fan)

Henry: What do you do to maintain your smooth great singing voice? Are
there any rituals for that? (Nahh, just joking Jamie!)

Jamie: Drink lots of Guinness and learn to laugh lots!! I donít have any
though I probably should have!!

Henry: Jamie, how does it feel to have a lot of girls screaming around
for you and wanting to touch you and get more from you?

Jamie: I wish!! I'm single and I'm very rarely approached by any ladies,
moreís the pity!! I wonít bite unless you want me to girls!!

Jamie Reeves 
Henry G Angeles
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