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THE PAST: Gloucester based Jamie Reeves, now 26 is credited with roles in most 
areas of the performing arts. Like current chart star Sonique he started life as a 
DJ,  combining singing with spinning records. Enjoying the performance element 
of his job, and revelling in the attention, a move in to cabaret was inevitable. He 
signed up with  several well-known holiday companies, and cabaret artistes, 
developing his stagecraft,  and vocal ability. This was also combined with extra 
work in TV shows such as  Eastenders, and commercial work. thus proving that 
variety is indeed the spice of life!  Out of the limelight Jamie began writing his 
own material, combining his love of up-tempo  R&B, and his cheeky sense of 
humour to produce tracks such as the feel good  'Baby I Love The Way'. 
However the entertainment had only just begun! 

THE PRESENT: Jamie’s music has been well received on both the internet, where 
he is  a regular success in online charts, and in the live arena where he has played 
to the teen,  and adult audiences across the country. 2001 has seen him touring 
with his solo cabaret  show at holiday centres, and pub/club chains across the U.K, 
using his memorable voice,  and energetic stage show to add an extra sparkle to 
some of the classic pop hits of the  last four decades. Promotional activities round 
off the year, as Jamie promotes the  enclosed C.D 'This is Who I Am, This is What I Do', 
at his live shows, web gigs, and  through the official website. And so another chapter 
has closed but how will the story unfold? 

THE FUTURE: Return visits to the studio are planned to work on the production of 
some new tracks, with some renowned producers.  Listen out for recent recordings,
'Tears In The Rain', and 'Country Girl', two beautiful ballads. These tracks are just 
a taste of what’s to come as 'the entertainer' explores his emotional side and 
concentrates more on the lyrical content of his songs. Bookings will follow on the 
road show/club circuit as Jamie aims to transfer his internet success to the live arena. 

From the spins to an ultimate play
Review by Henry G Angeles 

Who is Jamie Reeves? Jamie was a DJ before,we all know what a DJ does.
Spins discs, introduces new songs, takes listeners’ requests and get
fans and more fans. But Jamie felt a deeper musical presence attached to
his soul, and it was to make it on his own. This time, he shouldn't be
spinning discs, but singing and playing his own tune.

And "This is Who I Am, This is What I Do" debut album, is a project out
of his full driven passion in music. It came to life. He came more to
musical life.

I had an opportunity to be able to listen to this ambitious, talented
young artist from the UK named Jamie Reeves. Too much opportunity that
has led me to take a peek into his soul and music. Too much opportunity
that wont be forgotten.

Just to tell you guys, we did the conversation over the phone. From the
UK to the Philippines, a connection of music was made.

A happy cool lad has just risen out of England and singing with a great
heart for positive and moving music that's going to break the silence in
a lot of good ways. He is a spirit that in a thousand ways can write
music in the air and play with them as sweet as like the flow of the
water in the mountains. Jamie Reeves singing is a form that has a
mixture of both personal emotions and artistic influences. His carefree
attitude and kid-at-heart persona make him a truly lovable new guy in
show business. Apart from his adorable face, the truth is that this guy
is certainly what all newcomers should be like. Down to earth, happy,
and positive.

Through the phone I have requested Jamie to sing few lines from each and
one of the three songs I’ve chosen. I was moved by the way this 26-year
old hottie did the sentimental pop “Country Girl”. It was heartfelt and
intense. It was just a bit of what I’ve heard but I can feel an enormous
amount of affection present while he was singing the song. A song in
memory of his lost Nan.

Jamie isn't a clone of Westlife or an all-in-one pop group
(laughs),Robbie Williams, or even Elvis Costello. Jamie has a way of his
own for sure. And another side of him, is “Baby I Love The Way”. Fancy a
funky, dirty feel? Well, this one’s for you. Upbeat and stimulating!
You’re gonna like it. The lyrics penned by this cool guy has revealed
his imaginative wild side – making him more than a just a songwriter.

But for me to say something more, well I have to add that I have more
respect to an artist with an attitude, a nice heart and a really magical
and effective vocal prowess. Anyone can sing, but to sing with full
force, with a heart, and with more than just good singing is a rarity in
music world. Well, I’m proud I was able to talk and enjoy music with
this ultra talented Briton. I’m telling the truth, his voice has moved
me when he sung to me.

“Tears in The Rain” is very emotional, bitter-sweet and has a touch of
that cinema effect. You know what I’m talking about! When you watch a
movie about a great real martyr in a love affair story. Well, true love
really even gets to that point. This is a heartrending track. It has a
lot of soul in it. And you should read an excerpt from its lyrics, you
will see that he has put a lot of heart in writing this song.

I Knew, that it was coming to an end 
My lover, had changed into my friend 
But my heart, didn’t want to let go 
Cause deep down, I knew that
I still loved you so 
But the joy has gone, all I have is hurt inside.
When you told me it was over, 
I just wanted to run and hide 
But no-one, no-one baby, can take our moments away from me 
And theres one thing honey, that I don’t want you to see  

-Jamie Reeves, “Tears in The Rain”

These three wonderful songs are just previews of what Jamie has in store
for all of us. With a dramatic voice that can move your sensibilities,
no doubt there will be more gigs coming for this promising UK talent. A
young man without an alter ego, a sweet soul without pretensions, and a
music without barriers. Jamie is a new singer that not just plays
romance ballads into your ears but also spreads tasty beats all around
you. So, isn’t that great?

Jamie’s versatile existence in show business has added not just chic for
his life but too much excitement for his musicality. Not just a good
singing voice, but the ability to make it even better. An artist who
sings songs with a lot of spirits and tells stories in various

After the spins of the discs, now he is playing a brand new tune. His
tune. His music.


of Jamie Reeves
Review by Billy Tweedie 

You heard one pop artist you heard them all right? Wrong! Jamie Reeves
is not your typical pop artist and never will be. Categorizing him with
every other cheese ball known as boy groups and solo pop artists (i.e
Ricky Martin) out there would be a crime against humanity.

"THIS IS WHO I AM, THIS IS WHAT I DO" is a infectious blend of pop and
rock. The lyrics for the most part are tongue in cheek, for example
"Partytime". "Country Girl" is a lovely ballad that picks up where
Robbie Williams' "Angels" left off. "I Found Lovin" is a fun, catchy
little number that I love to turn the volume up on the system here in my
office outside Pittsburgh, PA in the USA.

Why Jamie Reeves isn't huge here as he is in England is beyond me. His
music is obviously not being exploited to the masses here. Then again
maybe people just don't have the sense of humor and pure sex appeal to
understand songs like "You Set Me On Fire" and "Spend The Night". Either
way, the US is missing out on a terrific artist.

Is he just another pretentious pretender to the pop-music throne; a
refugee from a 'boy band' hoping for solo success? or, is he the "Real
Deal"; a truly gifted artist who has the ability to achieve long-term
success on the charts? "THIS IS WHO I AM, THIS IS WHAT I DO" 
proves that the latter is the case. Jamie Reeves, a refugee from the British 
version of New Kids on the Block, has achieved a degree of success in 

One of the most enjoyable dance tracks in a few years, "I Found Lovin'"
(my fave track on the CD) features clever lyrical work and a beat that
is simply infectious. It's a great shame that Jamie hasn't become more
of a star stateside. While we're getting such manufactured tripe as "N
Sync", "98 Degrees" and,(God help us!) "O-Town" shoved down our throats,
you'd think we could welcome the respect of a truly talented artist like

Jamie Reeves! Everything that we have been missing in the US in terms of
music is right here. While we have virtually abandoned all the other
genres that used to peacefully coexist with one and other on the
airwaves a decade ago and perhaps have been wondering where they all
went well, all I can say is that as usual Europe's been keeping the best
stuff for themselves and we have been fools not to come looking for it

Jamie Reeves is just one (and perhaps one of the best one's this year)
of many examples of what the US is missing in terms of great dance and
pop music. This is probably the first album by a male voice that I have
played in years where I feel I really got my musical rocks off too! I
can honestly say that there isn't a bad or a weak track on the album.

It is full of all the intelligence and humor and fun and energy that
music is meant to have and an album I would recommend to anyone. I find
myself listening to Jamie Reeves more now than I do any of the other
albums I have in my collection - it's just a great album. 

In conclusion, this album is filled with something for everyone. Like
fast club songs? You'll find some here. Prefer slow sentimental songs?
You'll find some here, too. The overall quality of the songs are solid -
lyrics that actually SAY something; melodies that haunt and cling to
you; and vocals that are addictive.

Will this ever top the American charts? No, because America is too
preoccupied with depth less music and the sexy or bad boy images of the
performers. Jamie, charismatic and charming, has the talent and vocal
power to back up his stardom. Perhaps it's best that he hasn't cracked
America yet. So far Jamie has stayed away from that unnerving
manufactured type of songs, and it is greatly hoped that he continues to
produce songs that the U.K. recognizes and a select few of Americans can
truly appreciate.



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