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When was the last time you cried?: Probably about
  a month a go. My nan died in september and i still
  feel the nned to grieve sometimes. One word to all
  the guys reading this, its not a bad thing to cry, its
  cool, everyone does it.
  Will you ever get married and have kids?: I'll
  definately have kids but im not sure about the
  marriage bit, dont really see the point in it really.
  Do you believe in starsigns: I dunno, there
  are days when i read it and think its a load of
  rubbish and other days when i read it that i think
  wahey!! hope that comes true!!
  When are you born? I was born in shrewsbury in
  england on 29/8/75
  Fave school subject: I loved football (soccer),
  drama and music.
  Least fave school subject: RE and chemistry,
  tho i use to get a good hours sleep in chemistry so it
  wasn't all that bad!!
  Do you ever cheat in tests?: Not cheat as such,
  just look at a friends paper to see if they put the
  same as me!! well doesn't everyone do that?!?!?!?!?
  Do you cover your school books and if you do
  with what?: graffiti aboyt my fav soccer team
  liverpool when i was about 11. it was like a whos who
  from the last 100 years!!
  Do you have a crush on any of your teachers?:
  Nah, though i probably thought a couple of the ladies
  had nice big bazookas, like you do when your 13!!!
  What would you rescue from your house if it
  was burning?: I probaly wouldn't risk it, and
  anyway, the greatest memories are locked within and
  nothing can steal or destroy those.
  Are you good at keeping calm in a crisis?:
  its all depends, sometimes i can be but if something
  goes wrong when performing, i turn away from the crowd
  and swear and pull faces lots!!!
  What would you do if you saw someone being run
  over by a bus?: In an ideal world id like to say i
  would be able to phone for help and try and comfort
  the victim as much as i can, until help came. it
  depends how many people rallied round the victim tho.
  What's the biggest crisis you had to deal
  with:. Ive been lucky and only really had to deal
  with minor personal ones, the worst being my mindisc
  player broke 5 mins before a gig and i had to fix it
  quick!! I managed to get it through a gig, but it
  broke for the encore!!
  Have you ever had to call the ambulance?: No
  . Have you ever been arrested?: No, I'm a good
  When was the last time you spoke to a
  policeman?: When the stopped me coming home from a
  gig to do a rountine breath test. I hadn't had a
  drink so I passed and was allow to make my way home.
  If you could be a policeman, ambulanceman or a
  firemanwhich would U be? Probably a fireman, though i mst admit none
  those jobs appeal to me, im not brave in that way but
  what thse guys do is nothing short of herioc
  What's the bravest thing you've ever done?: I
  dont really think ive done anything brave. im no
  hero, im just a singer who likes to make people smile.
  If you could date anyone in the world, who
  would it be?: I dunno, most of the famous people i
  fancy are married!! I know, just thought, Kat deeley,
  an english TV presenter, very sexy and funny, or,
  christina aguilera, she can come on over any time!!!
  What do you think makes a boy sexy?: a smile
  What do you think makes a girl sexy?: a smile,
  you can have the fittest body ever but if you got a
  face like a "bulldog chewing a wasp" then that just
  ain't sexy.
  Have you ever been in love?: Yeah, twice, got
  my fingers burnt both times but have some wonderful
  memories to go with it. being in love is the greatest
  feeling ever.
  Do you have any ennemies?: probably, though
  its more like people that dont like me rather than
  enemies, but then you can't be liked by everyone.
  What qualities do you think you lack?: The
  ability to keep my mouth shut!! Though I have got
  better as I've got older. I can be like a right old
  Have you ever broken anyone's heart?:
  Probably, though not intentionally and I've never lied
  when it comes to love.
  Have you ever made your mom cry?: Yes, I went
  through a very selfish stage when i was 18, my bro was
  the same when he was that age too.
  When was the last time you told someone you
  loved them?: The day my nan died, i told my mum and
  dad that i loved them both.
  Who do you talk to when you're feeling upset?:
  My mates Matt and Andy are good people who i can have
  a whinge with for a while, then I'll get a kick up the
  ass and get on with things again.
  Do you have any phobias?: .I'm not too keen on
  heights or spiders
  What's your biggest fear?: Losing my voice and
  not being able to sing again, that would be really
  hard to cope with.
  How many kids would you like?: I dunno, i
  never been a relationship where kids were really
  talked about, im too young for that!! Probably 2 or
  Do you have any regrets?: Nah, regrets are a
  total waste of energy. there a re things I wouldn't do
  the same again, but I have "No Regrets", "they dont
  Has your heart ever been broken?: Yep, a
  couple of times, though I've probably broken a couple
  of hearts too.
  Do you cry easily?: I well up at movies and
  stuff, but full blown tears, no.
  . Have you ever snogged someone and regretted
  it?: Nah, but there are a few people who in the
  cold, sober light of day i wouldn't snog again!!
  How close are you to your parents?:Pretty
  close, close enought to have proper arguments and
  barneys anyway!!
  Do you believe in aliens?: No, except for ALF
  and Pigs in Space, cause everyone know they were real.
  What's been your scariest moment?: When I
  drove my first car home from my uncles, where my dad
  had been hiding it. The journey home meant a trip
  through the mountains of wales and i took a very sharp
  bend too quickly and almost went over the age. Need
  less to say is wasn't just the exhaust the blew in the
  car that day!!!
  Do you prefer beach holidays or active ones?
  beach holidays, holidays=parties and then sleeping in
  the sun.
  When was the last time when you told a lie?:
  When i answered the question about the aliens!!!
  Is your family proud of you?: I hope so, they
  keep all the press clippings on me so i suppose so.
  What was the name of your first bf/gf?: My
  first g/f was called Jenny and we were 10.
  Who told you about the birds 'n' bees?: I
  think i just found out from my mates and a few
  strategically placed books, tho if i asked any
  questions my mum and dad would try and answer them.
  tho when i was 14 my dad said "I wanna talk to you
  about the birds and the bees" I just said " What do u
  wanna know dad!!!" (an oldie but a goldie!!)
  How much money have you got in your pocket
  right now?: 3.95, singers aint rich u know!!
  Have you ever had your fortune told?: no,
  though id like to. Thats stuff amazes me though i dont
  kow if I believe it 100%
  Have you ever had a one night stand?: Yes,
  next question!!!
  Who was the last person you took a photo of?:
  I dunno, rachel and matt, two friends who i was on
  holiday with.
  What newspapers do you read?: The local paper,
  news of the world and sometimes the sun, all the
  intellectual reads (will most people in the US know
  what they are like or will i get away with that?!?!?!)
  Do you have a motto?: Keep smilin:)
  . What is your all time fave CD? Blackstreet,
  the album
  . Name five CDs you cannot live without:
  Blackstreet, the album, luther vandross, songs,
  rockmelons that word LOVE, sounds of Blackness, Im
  going all the way and Tony B so natural
  Descibe your fantasy date/lover: some nice
  food and drink, good music and well you know how the
  rest goes!!!! oh and cat deeley or christina
  aguilera, rating out of ten, i'd definately give them
  What do you like to wear to bed? A smile!!!
  Who/what turns you on? an open mind and a lust
  for life
  If you could choose between family and
  friends, would you? my two best friends are like
  family but family would come first, tho i hope i never
  have to pick.
  When was the last time you worked out? ages
  ago, ive never been keen on the gym and i fractured
  and disclocated my left shoulder in the summer so ive
  kinda got lazy since. ive got too many other things i
  like to do so working out gets left behind, maybe when
  i get rid of my J.O.B (jackass of a boss!!) ill get
  the time.
  White or wheat bread? Wheat bread, tho proper
  fresh white bread from the bakers is very tasty!!
  Ever kissed someone you never thought you
  would like? absolutely not, ive always been three
  sheets enuff to have liked them!!
  What could you never live without? I always
  feel limbless when i forget to take my mobile phone
  out so I guess it would be that.
  What is your favorite type of music? R&B, for me
  its has passion, guts and groove and that does it for
  Who is your favorite actor/actress? Tom Cruise, i
  loved jerry maguire and 4th of July and sandra
  bullock, shes just so enchanting (theres a good
  english word for ya!!)
  If you could be a talk show host for a day who would you want to
  replace and why? Jerry Springer, I'd love to see what
  happens behind the scenes there!!!
  Do you think Billy will have his own RECORD LABEL?
  Answer either way! I think Billy has the ambition and the zanyness
  (Billy, your not just a brick short of a house but you aint got the
  foundations either!!!lol)
  which you need in this crazy business.
  Whats the URL (address!) of your fave web site? the people that gave me hope, thanks
  Have you ever gone skinny Dipping? If so, who with?!!!! Not yet, but
  i hope to soon!!!
  What is your dream profession? to be a
  profeesional entertainer
  What do you do now? I'm semi pro at the moment and i
  temp in offces to give me some extra cash.
  What are you doing regarding getting the profession of your dreams?
  Using the net, sending out demos, gigging the clubs
  and pubs, phoning people up and practising hard.
  Who in the world would you most like to meet if
  you had the chance and why? Freddie Mercury, to see what made him
  and to try and pick up some performing tips.
  Who is your all time favorite singer? freddie
  Mercury, he had the voice and the persona.
  What is your all time favorite song? ive got too
  many it would be more like a top 40, stuff by queen,
  luther vandross, sounds of blackness, gabrielle,
  marvin gaye, craig david etc
  Have you ever been awarded something? If yes, what
  was it? not yet, thats all to come.
  Have you ever been in love with a Star? If so, a)
  at what age, b) who
  was it ..c)did you write him/her a fan letter?
  d)did you stalk the poor girl/guy?! no, im too shy
  to do that, plus i wouldn't want it done to me, so i
  wouldn't do it to anyone else.
  What is your fave ice cream? And how much of it do
  you eat at one
  sitting? no, but i love walkers barbecue crisps, i
  ate 4 packs in a row once which got me some ribbing
  from my workmates!!
  Who is the craziest person in your life? matt, hes
  a nutter, just a crazy ginger geezer!!!
  If you became a leader in power, what would you do
  to improve people's lives on an every day basis? Drop the debt to the
  third world countries, there paying back more than
  they borrowed, how can that help them?
  How would you improve the world if you could? stop
  the hate, stop the racism and stop the prejudice
  against people who dare to be different, just don't do
  What are your thoughts on Billy's web site?
  Informative, educational and entertaining, now where
  have I heard those words used before?!?!?!?!
  Do you believe that things happen for reasons? If
  you do ...why? There all part of life rich tapestry,
  you make your own luck by the amount of effort you put
  in to life. Life is what you make it.
  If you could spend a day somewhere special, where would it be? The
  somewhere to me isn't as important as the someone, though ive "only"
  got my family and
  friends as special people, im still looking for the
  one girls, so say hello and smile!!