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1. When was the last time you cried?: It has been a while.
2. Will you ever get married and have kids?: Once my music career is off and running.
3. Do you believe in starsigns: yes, to an extent.
4. When are you born? July, 15th
5. Fave school subject: voice
6. Least fave school subject: Geometry
7. Do you ever cheat in tests?: not usually.
8. Do you cover your school books and if you do with what?: No
9. What will your school report say this year?: Nothing, I have been out for two years now.
10. Do you have a crush on any of your teachers?: I did.
11. What would you rescue from your house if it was burning?: My music collection.
12. Are you good at keeping calm in a crisis?: Yes.
13. What would you do if you saw someone being run over by a bus?: I would hope to rush to their side and be of some kind of help.
14. What's the biggest crisis you had to deal with: Many family crisis'.
15. Have you ever had to ring the ambulance?: No
16. Have you ever been arrested?:No
17. When was the last time you spoke to a policeman?: A couple of months ago. My friends apartment was broken into, and I was there.
18. If you could be a policeman, ambulanceman or a firemanwhich would U be? Policeman
19. What's the bravest thing you've ever done?: Move on my own to Nashville, right after high school graduation.
20. If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be?: Ashley Judd, or Nikki Cox.
21. What do you think makes a boy/girl sexy?: The eyes are the windows to the soul.
22. Have you ever been in love?: Yes
23. Do you have any ennemies?: A few
24. What qualities do you think you lack?: Patience!!
25. Have you ever broken anyone's heart?: many times.
26. Have you ever made your mom cry?: Yes :(
27. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?: Yesterday.
28. Who do you talk to when you're feeling upset?: My mother.
29. Do you have any phobias?: Not really. I am pretty fearless.
30. What's your biggest fear?: ?
31. How many kids would you like?: 3
32. Do you have any regrets?: Nope. I don't believe in carrying regret. You learn from the past, and move on.
33. Has your heart ever been broken?: Yes
34. Do you cry easily?: No
35. Have you ever snogged someone and regretted it?: Yes.
36. How close are you to your parents?: Very close
37. Do you believe in aliens?: I believe in the possibility that there is life out there.
38. What's been your scariest moment?: Singing in front of my entire school for a fellow student's funeral.
39. Do you prefer beach holidays or active ones? Both. Depends on the mood.
40. When was the last time when you told a lie?: A couple of nights ago.
41. Is your family proud of you?: Very
42. What was the name of your first bf/gf?: Amy
43. Who told you about the birds 'n' bees?: No one really.
44. How much money have you got in your pocket right now?: None, My wallet is in the other rm.
45. Have you ever had your fortune told?: No
46. Have you ever had a one night stand?: Yes
47. Who was the last person you took a photo of?: My best friend, Mike.
48. What newspapers do you read?: USA Today, and The Revelator.
49. Do you have a motto?: To discover new oceans, you have to leave the shore.
50. What is your all time fave CD? Michael English, Freedom.
51. Name five CDs you cannot live without:1. Michael English/Freedom, Michael Jackson/Thriller,Michael Jackson/Dangerous, Rockapella/don't Tell me you Do, NSYNC/No Strings Attached.
52. Descibe your fantasy date/lover: A walk on the beach, with Nikki Cox.
53. What do you like to wear to bed? My boxers, or Nothing.
54. Who/what turns you on? Beauty.
55. If you could choose between family and friends, would you? My family.
56. When was the last time you worked out? Two days ago.
57. White or wheat bread? Wheat
58. Ever kissed someone you never thought you would like? Yes
59. What could you never live without? My voice.
What is your favorite type of music? Pop

Who is your favorite actor/actress? No real favorites. Although, Ashley
Judd is gorgeous.(That has nothing to do with her acting abilities, but
I had to make it a point to say what I feel:)

If you could be a talk show host for a day who would you want to replace
and why? I would want to replace Jerry Springer because his show
irritates me. I would have a show with famous celebrities going at it.
Now that would be some good tv.

Do you think Billy will have his own RECORD LABEL? Answer either
way! Yes.

Whats the URL (address!) of your fave web site? I don't know, the
URL off the top of my head, but it is Billy's website.(I am on the

Have you ever gone skinny Dipping? If so, who with?!!!! Honest answers
please! I don't recall anytime that I actually went skinny dipping.

What is your dream profession? What do you do now? What are you doing
regarding getting the profession of your dreams? My dream profession is
to be a star!! Right now, Sad as it seems, I am working at a resort, but
I am in the process of recording demos, and getting my porfolio

Who in the world would you most like to meet if you had the chance and
why? Michael English. He has been through hell, and I would want to be a
friend to him.

Who is your all time favorite singer? Michael English

What is your all time favorite song? In Christ Alone-by Michael English

Have you ever been awarded something? If yes, what was it? Lots of
music, and Choir awards, employee of the month, Top 25 of making the

Have you ever been in love with a Star? If so, a) at what age, b) who
was it I was in love with both Olivia Newton-John, and Tina Turner when
I was probably six years old. c)did you write him/her a fan letter?
d)did you stalk the poor girl/guy?!!!!!! Neither. I was a shy kid.

What is your fave ice cream? And how much of it do you eat at one
sitting? I like vanilla ice cream On top of a brownie smothered in
chocolate and whipped cream. I usually don't eat a lot of it, because it
so rich.

Who is the craziest person in your life? My brother.

If you became a leader in power, what would you do to improve people's
lives on an every day basis? I would make gas prices lower!!! :)
How would you improve the world if you could? I would do
everything in my power to stop the school violence. I was a student at
Westside High School when the Shootings took place there. I still cry
anytime I see something happening at the schools.
What are your thoughts on Billy's web site? It needs more of me:)
I'm kidding. I think that it is great. Keep up the good work Billy.
Do you believe that things happen for reasons? If you do ...why? If you
don't, why?? Definitely!! I believe in rare coincidence. Most everything
in my life happens to help me grow as an individual and to discover more
about myself, and about life.

If you could spend a day somewhere special, where would it be?
Back home with my family.