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1. When was the last time you cried?: 3 days ago
2. Will you ever get married and have kids?: yes
3. Do you believe in starsigns: yes
4. When are you born?: October 23, 1981
5. Fave school subject: English
6. Least fave school subject: Algebra
7. Do you ever cheat in tests?: No, I'd rather fail
and learn then cheat and learn nothing.
8. Do you cover your school books and if you do with what?: No
9. What will your school report say this year?:Hopefuly that I am doing
very well:).
10. Do you have a crush on any of your teachers?:Nope
11. What would you rescue from your house if it was burning?: my loved
12. Are you good at keeping calm in a crisis?: Yes.
13. What would you do if you saw someone being run over by a bus?: I'd
say "Oh Shit, Call 911!".
14. What's the biggest crisis you had to deal with: The divorce of my
parents 2 years ago.
15. Have you ever had to call the ambulance?: No,Thank God.
16. Have you ever been arrested?: No, not
17. When was the last time you spoke to a policeman?: 2 weeks ago...I
was pulled over 3 times
in 1 night for
18. If you could be a policeman, ambulanceman or a firemanwhich would U
be?: A police officer.
19. What's the bravest thing you've ever done?: Being honest in the most
crucial moments.
20. If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be?: my
21. What do you think makes a boy sexy?: No ego trippin.
21a What do you think makes a girl sexy?: wildness and humor.
22. Have you ever been in love?: Yes.
23. Do you have any ennemies?: No..I have hate for no one.
24. What qualities do you think you lack?: Please tell me.
25. Have you ever broken anyone's heart?: Yes, not intentionally.
26. Have you ever made your mom cry?: Yes.
27. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?: an hour
28. Who do you talk to when you're feeling upset?: My girlfriend, Missy.

29. Do you have any phobias?: Yes. Heights and Blood.
30. What's your biggest fear?: Heights.
31. How many kids would you like?: Only time will tell:).
32. Do you have any regrets?: Yes.
33. Has your heart ever been broken?: Several times.
34. Do you cry easily?: Sometimes.
35. Have you ever snogged someone and regretted it?:Yes.
36. How close are you to your parents?: Fairly close.
37. Do you believe in aliens?: Yes.
38. What's been your scariest moment?: Who will be reading this
39. Do you prefer beach holidays or active ones?: beach.
40. When was the last time when you told a lie?: can't remember.
41. Is your family proud of you?: Yes.
42. What was the name of your first bf/gf?: Been to long.
43. Who told you about the birds 'n' bees?: Friends.
44. How much money have you got in your pocket right now?: Enough to
phone a friend.
45. Have you ever had your fortune told?: yes.
46. Have you ever had a one night stand?: yes.
47. Who was the last person you took a photo of?: Don't recall.
48. What newspapers do you read?: Beaver County Times.
49. Do you have a motto?: "Silence is the best defence."
50. What is your all time fave CD?: Purple Rain
51. Name five CDs you cannot live without: There are more than five!
52. Descibe your fantasy date/lover: caring,optimistic, humorous.
53. What do you like to wear to bed? nothing!
54. Who/what turns you on? Nudity, and you?
55. If you could choose between family and friends, would you?: No.
56. When was the last time you worked out?: Last Night.
57. White or wheat bread?: White.
58. Ever kissed someone you never thought you would like?: Yes.
59. What could you never live without? Food, Air, Water, God, and LOVE.

What is your favorite type of music?: Rap, Pop
Who is your favorite actor? Adam Sandler.
If you could be a talk show host for a day who would you want to
replace and why?: Oprah Winfrey, because she is intersting.
Do you think Billy will have his own RECORD LABEL? Answer either way!:
Yes, and when he does maybe I could be a part of it.
Whats the URL (address!) of your fave web site?:
Have you ever gone skinny Dipping?: No. If so, who with?!!!! Honest
answers please!
What is your dream profession? Performing and recording for a
What do you do now?: I record, go to school, and work at a grocery
What are you doing regarding getting the profession of your dreams?:
Busting my ass!
Who in the world would you most like to meet if you had the chance and
why?: Prince, because he is my all time favorite musician.
Who is your all time favorite singer?: Prince.
What is your all time favorite song?: Purple Rain.
Have you ever been awarded something? If yes, what was it?:
Yes....Coach award in basketball, an interview in the newspaper.
What is your fave ice cream? And how much of it do you eat at one
sitting?: Hot Fudge Sunday....I eat until I feel
Who is the craziest person in your life?: Me.
If you became a leader in power, what would you do to improve people's
lives on an every day basis?: Teach the world how to love each other
for who we are and be open minded to others ideas.
How would you improve the world if you could?: Stop the hate and
violence worldwide and stop homelessness.
What are your thoughts on Billy's web site?: Billy's website rocks.
Do you believe that things happen for reasons? If you do ...why? Yes,
I believe that everything that
happens happens for a reason...Bad things happen to make us stronger
people....Good things happen to reward us and to show us that loved ones
that have moved on are still with us.
If you could spend a day somewhere special, where would it be? On an
island with the one I love.

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