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A Child of the "Troubles"

As a child of Northern Ireland's so called 'troubles', I wrestle with
the pain of the past and what it has done and continues to do to people
like me. I have always wanted to 'leave it alone' and hope that it will
go away from my mind and that my friends and family back in the North
and South of Ireland will contact me and tell me that, 'It's over's all over!' But we know that that day will never come in
my lifetime anyway, unless major turns of events happen..........The
reason I address the issue is due to personal events in my life over the
past six years while living in the United States, making me more aware
of the American people and their lack of understanding on the subject
and their view on Ireland and everything to do with the country. I would
like to feature this subject in great detail at a later date on my
site......and would like to answer your questions on the subject!

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