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Welcome to my Home Page!!!
Hello! Let me introduce myself, I'm Billy from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I now live in Pennsylvania, USA. I've been a talent promoter since 1991. I've worked for record companies in England and have been successful in promoting numerous artists. Also, I had my own record label for a time when I was in Ireland. I came to the USA in 1994 and studied at the University of Pittsburgh. I fell in love with the people here and the uniqueness of America. I'm interested in getting my career started here professionally as soon as I can get my work papers through the Immigration Office. Learn more about me throughout the rest of my pages!!

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Bill Phillips knows what he is talking about guys!!
He is the complete mental and physical fitness guru of the '90's.......
His BODY OF WORK film needs to have a place in your video collection........
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Europe's Hottest Singer - Stuarty J. Beck

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