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A Letter from Jamie

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Jamie Reeves Sex-tion on Billy's
Entertainment World!!!

For those that dont know me, I'm a cheeky little
chappie from the UK who loves his singing,
songwriting, performing and a few other things to

My style is like a mixture of Craig David, All Saints,
Christina Aguilera and special guest star on bass,
William Orbit. I know, its a bit of a melting pot,
but its funky and fun, just like all good music should

So get your rump shaking, your booty moving and
grooving and your pop picking to the sound of the
Gonnabe, the sound of Jamie Reeves.

Keep Smilin:)


PS Massive thanks to Billy and the team at Billy's
Entertainment World for letting me be on your site.

PPS Massive thanks to you the reader for taking time
out to read this, without you lot, im nothing but a
bedroom performer.

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