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My Heroes

Oscar Wilde: My favorite writer growing up back in Ireland.
The movie WILDE: my favorite of the past year!
Brian Epstein. If anyone I want to emulate it would be the fifth Beatle!
Berry Gordy. The one man in American recording history I admire the most!
Adam Ant was my childhood idol!
ABBA where my inspirational kick in the minds eye! I wish I had the skills of their manager Stig.
Billy Joel wrote me a while back after a recent "happening" and included a signed pic! I thought that was so kool!
I studied DRAMA at this world famous college!
Joe Orton. British wit at it's best!
Les Miserables....the reason for sitting through nine performances in London's West End!!!
Sarah Brightman: the American fan club
Sarah Brightman: the Original website
KAREN CARPENTER The pure voice of an angel..........

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