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Star Friends

Barbara Windsor Barbara Windsor: The Queen of British comedy and drama on television! This pic was taken at dinner after a radio interview we both did together in ole London, England.......I was fed Shark by Babs.....more to tell you at a later date!

Charlie Hodge Charlie Hodge: I met Charlie back in Belfast! I am pointing to the TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS necklace that ELVIS gave his closest friends. Charlie said, "You know what I like about you Billy? Nothing!" Go figure!!!!!!!!

Stuarty J. Beck Stuarty J. Beck: A good friend of mine who I managed for awhile.
Steve K Pic coming soon! Steve K. - My friend from Ireland who is a DJ on Dublin's FM104
INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR David de Alba has a web site for any Judy Garland/Liza Minnelli fan to discover untold talents! LIVE SINGER never a mime! Visit this remarkable site TODAY!!!! Book him for your entertainment!
Irish signer Dana. I ran her fan club in 1980's.

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