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Composers Wanted

A few years back I began to write what I have been told by friends are lyrics for songs...If you can write music, email me and let me know what you can do with these.....


Here we meet again
each lifetime
brings back a past lover
why this time is it you?

Love at first sight is
too much to take
was it Atlantis
Paris, Rome
or Germany?

Together we lived
and you were seperated
from me

This present life
you have pulled away
and are seperated from me
here and now

Why? maybe next time around?

(c) copyright WCFT 1999


As the seasons roll on
my love for you will remain
I am tied within'
wanting you more and more

I remain
I sign a thousand letters
a thousand deaths
as the seasons roll on

I would die a million deaths
if I knew you were thinking of me
Why don't you want me now?

I've competly changed
I'm not the same
I've died inside
since the seasons rolled on

You've entered me
my soul is full of you
I am dying daily
so not to worry

I'll not be here long
as the seasons roll on
without me
without you

(c) copyright WCFT 1999


You could never understand whats really
deeply happening to me

I'm so alone
and nothing at all is real

I dream about you
and wake up
thinking about you
you are my fantasy

I forever wonder why you
had to break free

Now you're not my lover
and not even my friend
don't you know I would give my all
to have you here
just to hold you
once again

You are out of reach
my heart has stopped feeling
it's very cold inside

I'm a shadow
of someone I used to be
You where the only one I
allowed inside my heart

Now I'm holding on
to something so far gone

(c) copyright WCFT


Did I ever know that I'd see the day?
The day when you and I,
We'd be so far apart?
You see, I'm sorry for pushing too far then
But am I sorry now?

I want to change what's past
(and I also want you to change)
But I know there's no way back
to yesterday
Do you ever think how much I want -
of you?
I miss you!

You see, I pushed too far,
I pushed our friendship over the edge-
and made my dreams reality
I tried to make you mine
and I'd no right to do so

I know mine are the arms
you'll never hold-
and even if by winning-
'I found you''
'I'd still loose'
I might not like you-
after all-
what do I want?
Is it really you?

(c) copyright WCFT1999

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