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Presenting the Very Best of BillyTweedieDOT COM!
Various Artists

1. Billy Tweedie Dot Com! Anthem  ~ Jamie Reeves
    (Henry G. Angeles/Jamie Reeves)

2. I'm Letting Go ~ Logan D
    (David E. Brooks, Michael Weber, and Daryl Youngblood)

3. All Right With Me (Enjoy The Ride) ~ Michael
   (Michael McGeehan)

4. A Little Bit Of Time (Sung In Harmony 2002 Remix) ~ Stuarty J. Beck
    (Stuart Baxter)

5. Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me ~ Lena Zavaroni featuring Paul Taylor
    (Conrad/Clare) published by Feldman & Co. 

6. Too Survive ~ James Martyn
    (Mark Stevens Arrangement by Matt Bell - Sounds Lyrical)

7. Tears In The Rain ~ Jamie Reeves
    (Jamie Reeves/Mat Leppanen/Ville Leppanen)

8.  Girl In A Moment (Live) ~ Stuarty J. Beck featuring Janet Lloyd
     (Stuart Baxter)=20

9. Roses and Rainbows ~ Lena Zavaroni featuring Paul Taylor
    (Marvin Hamlisch/Carole Bayer-Sager) published by FB music Limited Carlin)

10. Spend The Night ~ Jamie Reeves
      (Jamie Reeves/Mat Leppanen/Ville Leppanen)

11. Too Much Love (Will Kill You) ~ James Martyn
      (Brian May, Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers)

12. I Love You  ~ Logan D.
      (David E. Brooks)

13. Only In Your Mind (Back Off Baby Mix 2002)~ Michael
    (Michael McGeehan)

14. Will He Kiss Me Tonight? ~ Lena Zavaroni featuring Paul Taylor
      (The Dolly Mixture) published by Kenmar music Co.

15. I Gotta Know ~ Jamie Reeves
      (Jamie Reeves/Mat Leppanen/Ville Leppanen)

16. Get Up! (Don't You Wanna Party?)  ~ Logan D
     (David E. Brooks)

17. Baby I love The Way ~ Jamie Reeves
     (Jamie Reeves/Mat Leppanen/Ville Leppanen)

18. Here's To All My Friends ~ James Martyn
     (Laurie and Rick Williams)

19. Love Will Make It Right! (We're In A Trance) ~ Michael
      (Doublestar Laboratory/Michael McGeehan)

20. I Want To ~ Logan D.
     (David E. Brooks)

21. Over The Rainbow (Billy Requested Version 2002) ~ James Martyn
      ( Harburg/Arlen)

22. The Star - Spangled Banner ~ Logan D.
     (Francis Scott Key)

CD Cover Design: Henry G Angeles


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PRESENTING..The Very Best of BillyTweedie Dot Com
Produced by Billy Tweedie (Ocean Blue Records)
Cover Design by Henry G Angeles

Due to Billy's untimely death last October 2, 2002 and our sincerest
and purest determination to pursue his dreams and visions for others,
Ocean Blue Records and Sounds Lyrical are both releasing
this one of a kind CD featuring Billy's discoveries, artists and talents
whom he had believed could always be the next singing idol .