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"World of Our Own" REVIEW
by Billy Tweedie

I think it is safe to say I am seriously addicted to this album. I had been looking 
forward to this album for months so anything less then perfection from the lads 
would have been a major disappointment, but thankfully I was not disappointed. 
Evaluation of each song:

"Queen Of my Heart"- a heart-warming ballad defiantly to share with the ones 
you love.

"Bop Bop Baby"- very catchy tune, one to get up and dance to.

"I Cry"- a strong Latino feel song which very strong vocals from Shane and a 
strong chorus.

"Uptown Girl"- what can I say, a classic. Fantastic take-off of the Billy Joel song.

"Why do I love you"- a song you are destined to have stuck in your head from the
minute you first hear it. Very catchy bridge and chorus.

"I wanna grow old with you"- a real tear jerker of a ballad certain to bring a tear to 
your eye. Not at all cheesy and absolutely gorgeous. 

"When Your Looking Like That"- upbeat tune from 'Coast to Coast' remixed for this
album, not much difference, but defiantly will still get ya movin'

"Evergreen"- one of my favorite tracks on the album. A classic Westlife song with a
strong chorus.

"World of our own"- what can I say, its upbeat, its happy and its certain to get you up
and dancing, quite simply, nice music.

"To be Loved"- another tear jerker ballad. Mark's vocals pick this song up near the
finish and ends absolutely beautifully. 

"Drive (for all time)"- defiantly one of the best songs on the album. Starts off slow
Westlife style which leads into a strong, bold chorus. 

"If your hearts not in it"- brings tears to your eyes, makes you wanna cuddle up to the
one you love. The piano and gorgeous vocals from Shane make this a fantastic
listening experience.

"When you come around"- upbeat, uplifting track which you just have to sing along to.
Especially like the 'you don't have to worry' line from Shane.

"Don't says its too late"- another ballad with strong piano influences and a combination
of smooth lyrics and vocals in the chorus works well to make this a typical Westlife tune.

"Don't let me go"- very catchy chorus and will defiantly grow on you and get you singing
along before you know it

"Walk Away"- this song is actually the opposite of walking away, saying that you'll
never walk out on someone. Very strong track, gets stuck in your head and will make
you sing along

"Love Crime"- upbeat track, wasn't convinced at first but after listening to it a few times
it'll defiantly grow on you. 

"Imaginary Diva"- was a risk. A pretty huge one. And it was always going to be one. 
It's essentially a Mark solo number (which is a big enough risk in itself, it's so rare
that he gets to actually take the "proper" lead), written by Mark, Kian and Nicky. *And* 
it's a full-on R&B number to boot. Technically speaking, it should be awful, fans should be 
hating the change in direction and critics should be blasting them for not staying true to
their ballad sound. But somehow it manages to not only be half decent, but in my view, it's                         
actually probably the best song on the album, with a large majority of fans and - amazingly                    
- critics heaping praise on it for finally experimenting with the "ultimate" contemporary           
sound of the moment, R&B. Obviously, liking R&B would affect whether you like this song
or  not, but it's certainly a worthy attempt - and no-one can accuse it of being anything like 
what the guys have done before. That, to my mind is an acheivement.  Marks voice is amazing!
"Angel"- the perfect end to the perfect album! Shane's voice is beautiful on this track and
it shows his range.

There is a hidden track on the album... "Bad Girls"- totally unWestlife like, naughty naughty boys!!

You can tell how much the lads have grown and matured since the release of their
first CD. The lyrics and music, while staying true to their pop roots, have more depth
and feeling than their previous efforts. This is by far my favorite Westlife piece (and I
have just about everything I could get my hands on). The lads should feel very proud of 
what they've accomplished with "World of Our Own". I'm proud to say that I'm 34 and love 
these guys. Keep up the great work and don't change a thing. 

It is also good to hear that the lead vocals are not done by Shane Filan alone. Nicky Byrne's 
vocals are less scratchy from the debut album. Kian Egan's vocals, although spread very thinly, 
are brilliant. Bryan McFadden and Mark Feehily shine through in their parts.

Their writing skills have also improved and I only expect more and better from them
now. Any non-Westlife fan will have a change of heart once they listen to this album.
Good to see them starting to write their own material as well - although the two camps of  
Shane/Bryan and Nicky/Mark/Kian produce very different efforts.

It's a very good pop album, that manages to encompass the three dominant genres
of the moment (pop, rock, R&B) - which is exactly the way it *should* be.
All in all, an indicator of things to come in future... 

Simply the best album from a simply SUPERB group of Irish Lads! 


"World of Our Own" REVIEW
by Henry G Angeles

The popular Irish singing lads, Westlife, has just released another 
brand new single entitled "Queen of my Heart". This group,
well-known for their tearjerker ballads and reminiscing songs
is once again making waves through their another fresh
single off their latest album, "World of Our Own".

Composed of Shane, Mark, Brian, Kian and Nicky, the group's
musical chemistry defines the best of the Irish mood and sentiments.
Passionate, wholesome!, emotional and talented. Speaking of 
Nicky, the video showed him in the making as the newest member of the skinhead
family. Yes, he shaved his hair on cam! And he was so proud doing that!
Anyway it's cool. 

The song captures an emotion of past, present and future. Well, what thing
in this world that reminds us of past, present and future in relation to that song?
Always love. And that's the reason they came back, to sing a song, that will 
(hopefully) last for eternity. The beat is typically Westlife. But their voices
are really captivating, the same as their picture-perfect personalities. 

After the emotional and intense "Queen of my Heart", I suggest that
Westlife come up with a beatful track, not to call it American pop, but 
something that general pop does today. It's good to remember them
as good singers cause they indeed are, but it's a bit bad to remember
them as "singers of the lonely heart" cause majority of their songs
are downbeat. They might be caged in a box and always remembered
for having sad songs. I'm sure Westlife, even if they have had already taken 
over half of the world, they still have a room for the exciting 
and stimulating side of music.  The song is good, hearing it for the first time
on the radio and not knowing yet it was Westlife, you wouldn't even think
it's them who sang the song, cause surprisingly, there's still something
new from them. 

And it's worth it. There are newly born fans out there, literally and musically 
speaking. Babies love the Westlife tunes. Believe me. I just had a proof before. 

2002 Henry G Angeles /  /