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Tigersquad's Promo Boy


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Stijn was the first point of call for me and my business partners here
in the States. He was the reason I contacted the Tigers in the 
first place, he does his job very well! We need more like Stijn in America!
Stijn comments: "You gotta treat your fans real well, so it would be
nice to send them a mail with the latest TSQ-updat every week". 
Stijn Zeebroek is one of the youngest members in the Squad.

At the age of 17, he joined the Tigercrew in august 2000.
He's responsable for all the promo towards the fans, so if you have any
question regaring shows, performances,  merchandise, ... Stijn knows 
the answer. If you enlist to the free promomail-service, this guy will 
keep you updated on the where's and what's. For who is interested 
in this European hottie, Stijn is single an lives in Oostende.

When touring with the band, he's also the roadie, but especially enjoys
it to have a good contact with the fans. It is the second year for Stijn
with the Tiger Squadron. 

You can reach my friend at: