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Joey McIntyre's  "MEET JOE MAC" 
92952-2 Q Records/Atlantic
by Billy Tweedie

"Meet Joe Mac" is a great follow up album to "Stay the Same"...I really think both 
albums sound very different! Overall it has great songs through and through!
Especially tracks 1,2,3,9. Here's a explanation of each song..

 "We Don't Wanna Come Down"~this song is really catchy, just this song alone
sounds much different than Joe's first album. 

"Rain"~very nice and easy song!!! well written, this song alone made me 
buy the album. You've all heard it, so..I need not say anything else about it..

"Walkin' My Baby Back Home"~this song shows Joe Mac's talented voice..
I really like this one! 

"NYC Girls"~here's a funky sounding's a change from the first 3 songs 
on the album..also a fun song..really upbeat..

"Easier"~soft sounding song, this one also shows Joe's voice off...this one could 
very well be a single in the future..this song sounds very familiar for some reason..

"Walk Away"~this one A+ 

"National Anthem of Love"~this song is another uptempo song..good to listen to..

"If I Run Into You"~...actually it's like a story...and then it's almost like a
funny play...I'll have to give this song (story) an A+ for it's originality! 
It  lightens up the album a, "I Want It That Way" & "See Ya, Wouldn't 
Wanna Be Ya"...

"Mrs. Callahan"-this is very easily the best song on the album!!! although it isn't 
a fast and upbeat song, it's really a very emotional song! Nice opening!! I'd love to 
see this one as one of his singles in the future! While reading the credits of Joe's album, 
"Meet Joe Mac," you'll find out that this song is dedicated to a childhood friend and is 
more than likely a true story. and is also the most important song he's ever written..
as said by him himself A+++++++++

"Love Song"~nice song, great voice..just another song to fill up the album...

"With A Girl Like You" (One Night Part 2)~doesn't the guitar sound like something
familiar!!! Cool song,, this song sounds like "Doing That Thing You Do"...

"I Don't Know Why I Love You"~another A+


Now, I have fallen in love with some of the songs and I couldn't imagine my cd 
collection without it. Joe has shown us on 'Meet Joe Mac', just how much he has 
grown up personally and musically. My biggest compliment I can give
Joe is this, if I had to make a CD list for that 'deserted island', 'Meet Joe Mac' 
would be one of my top choices. For me, some of the songs are like little stories you 
just get lost in. And the best part about 'Meet Joe Mac', in ten years (with or without 
that deserted island) I know I will still be listening to every song and singing along. 
So if you are looking for music you can listen to over and over and can't help but 
sing along to buy 'Meet Joe Mac'. 

His album is for anyone who appreciates intelligent songwriting, meaningful
lyrics, and music that conveys strong emotions. IT also rocks! But not too hard, its 
funky and fresh. Joe not only sets up this record with beautiful melodies and tight 
instrumentals, but that voice of his is beyond compare. That tenor voice soars with 
so much purity, and perfection, it goes to show that Joe is an impeccable vocalist. 
The only artists I can compare this to are Duncan Sheik (With intelligent lyrics, 
and a touch of angst), and Robbie Williams (another ex-boybander who is shoving 
it back in our faces with a completely different sound.) The songs on the album are 
a musical delight, decadent and rich. I can imagine the likes of Sting, Elton John, 
Fastball, dc talk, or The Wallflowers performing these songs! Not to mention funk 
masters such as Lenny Kravitz or Prince. This is a diverse album with a magical 
blend of rock,funk,a tinge R&B, and a smidge of rebellion. For once, I hope the
skeptics will ignore Joe's past, and embrace what he has to offer today! Joe is truly
making a name for himself and I cannot wait to hear what the future holds for this singer
songwriter. We need more artists like Joey McIntyre!  Please, do Joey a favor and 
remove from your mind that he was a New Kid. Sure, it's a hard act to follow and a 
storied past to rewrite, but for the sake of his artistry, please do.


His album sounds a lot like Duncan Sheik and his vocals are Joey-esque; they are 
the same vocals that once made him stand out as a 'new kid'. I think this album is 
a valiant attempt by Joey to get his music career out of "he used to be a New Kid" 
phase. All and all I really like his album and I would without reservations, recomend 
it to anyone who likes good music. 


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