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Billy - Glitter Man Cartoon! by Henry G Angeles
BILLY'S Family and Friends
Mom and Dad 2000
Bro Jonathan
Jonathan and Roberta
Billy's Mom in 1999
Billy's Dad in 2000
Billy's Dad
Billy's Mom and Dad in 2000
Billy's wonderful niece!
Billy's younger brother Jonathan
Billy and bro Jonathan on a holiday!
Jonathan and Roberta
Aunt Lillian and
Uncle John
Aunt Lillian's Family
Aunt Lillian in Spain
Aunt Susan's Party
Aunt Lillian, Billy's mom
and JG look-alike
Billy's first webdesigner and webmaster, 
Jordan Otto
David and Mike
Billy and Stuarty
Dawn on her day!
Stuarty, Aunt Lillian, Billy's Mom and Billy


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Billy's Family and Friends