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Tigersquad's Manager


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Eric is a power house of informationa and a superb business man to say
the least! The first time the idea of a Tiger squad in showbusiness got to the sky
was already in 1985 when the young Eric  visited the 25th Tigermeet, which 
was held that year at the Belgian airbase of Kleine-Brogel. He was so 
impressed by the sounds and flavours of the Tiger jets that he knew what 
the name for his far-future  pop band would be. The basic idea would never 
change: what the elite pilots perform in the skies, the pop band will 
bring on a stage, the best show.

Eric was the first Belgian to complete work experience with Universal
Studios and the United States Air Force.  In daily life now, he's a 
courier, as it is currently the best daytime job to combine with the 
busy 'behind the music scene' activities.

It's Eric job in the TSQ project to fit all the pieces into one solid
unity; Observe the marketing plans, plan the show calendar, maintain public
relations with the media and the record company, work out promo schedules 
with the booker, guide the musical direction, organise practice and 
recording sessions, keep producers happy….and so much more.
And of course…..look extremely well after six Tigers who make up TSQ on
a stage!!

While on the road with the band, you will see him definitely walking
around with his photo camera. The daily TSQ life, off- and on stage, can
be seen true his lenses in the history timeline….

Notwithstanding the many offers to manage other music bands and
projects, Eric remains focussed on his very  first musical project, 
Tiger Squad! Although the first single 'Let's get together' was only 
released in 2000, it's already Eric's fifth TSQ-year. 

You can contact my friend Eric at: