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(Antwerp, Belgium)

How I became fan of TSQ

In the beginning I saw a program on 
television  and I thought : oh no, again 
another group...

But when I started to follow their career and 
heard that teir songs were  played more and more on radio and 
articles of them appeared in some music  magazines, I began to 
like them.

So I followed their career, but I was never been to a performance 
of them,  so I didn't know the boys themselves.

Last summer (2001) there were several performances of them and 
one of it was  in my neighbourhood. Me and a few friends went to 
see  them and ...*BANG*... I was sold ! They were fantastic, very 
nice  and friendly and spend a lot of timewith  their fans.

From that moment on, I tried to go to each appearance of them. 
During that  time I've got to know the boys better and started to 
make friends among  their fans.

What I like about the group is :

1) Their music and dance

2) Their contact with the fans and the time they spend with them.

3) If they have no performance, they try to arrange some events 
so they can  still spend time with their fans (exampl. go to the movies, 
a special  fan-fun and action day with jetskiès and so..., several 
chat-meetings, a birthday party and.....)

I hope they will grow and get better and better, so they will 
become famous  in and outside Belgium, because they are working 
hard for it, and I think  they deserve it.

TigerGreetZzZzz *Leyla*

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Hi there,

My name is Kristina.  I am 16 years old and I am the President of
the Official Tigersquad Fan Club here in the U.S. which will be
getting started very soon.  

I spend lots of time on the internet promoting groups that I
think are great and Tigersquad is one of them...I know that once you
get to hear them and see them perform you will agree that boybands 
are here to stay and this one is certainly in the running....They are
talented and dedicated to their fans....If you would like to contact
me about how you can help or about the fan club you can email me 


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