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Recorded and Produced by Chris Blair
December 2001 (CPR STUDIO'S Ireland)

REVIEW by Billy Tweedie

First of all I have been friends with Stuarty J. Beck or Stuart as I
know him for over a decade now. He has been a major influence 
in my life and one of my top 5 friends.

BACK IN TRACK is his latest piece of creative material, even 
though the songs are ALL cover versions of mega hits worldwide!

This CD is jam-packed with Top-10 hits, like "Crazy", "Moody Blue" (my
all time fave song by the King! Elvis.) and "Delilah", "Half Way to Paradise", 
etc........Big Las Vegas type show stoppers! Stuarty should be in Vegas
at least once a year! He has the talent and the drive and the aura of a
star if not a Mega Star in Glam!

The song that really gets this album going, though, is the grim tale
"The Thunder Rolls", with the distorted lead guitar and the 
thunderclaps in the background. "The Thunder Rolls" is 
one of Garth Brook's best songs, however Stuarty does it with power 
and vocals to kill for! The song was highly controversial when it first 
came out here in the States. Among the controversies, 
The Nashville Network and Country Music Television both 
refused to air the video to "The Thunder Rolls" because of its 
violent content. Nevertheless, that song is the high moment on
an impressive cover - remake - album. (CMT, the Country version 
of MTV and VH-1)

Stuarty's BACK IN TRACK cover album is a masterpiece just waiting to be
listened to. There are some other really good stand-out songs on this disc. 
He is most famous for his pure rock and roll at live concerts 
(And deservedly so), and they abound on this album. "Moody Blue", 
"Wear my Ring Around Your Neck" and "Delilah" are simply amazing. 
I definitely recommend this album. Stuart is an artist who is mainstream 
enough to appeal to non-rock and roll fans, but still keeps his pure rock 
roots alive enough to gather lots of respect from fellow artists. Keep it up 
boy, like I always knew you would!

Stuarty outdoes teen idols Westlife on their remake of "MY GIRL", 
Stuarty does it 110% better!

He has made a triumphant and very pleasing return to what he does best.
The album opens with possibly one of his best songs......
"Something 'bout You Baby I like".  The album's first single should be, 
"The Dance" one of the album's best songs, and far from a dud. It's one 
of those great songs that pulls at your heart strings! A moving and 
haunting piece, "The Dance" had me in a puddle as it wreaks your soul. 
"The Dance", is the song that all will relate to, very well stated, beautiful 
melody. Even the legendary Garth Brooks would be knocked off the charts by
Stuarty! He is a true star and an all round entertainer.

Stuarty would be able to take all those boy bands and wannabe popstars
and give them all a run for their money. Ronan Keating, Michael Ball, 
Garth Gates or even the UK popstar himself Will (just out of the closet) 
something or other, would give their eye teeth to sound this good!

The easiest way to categorize this album is to simply call it 'Superb'.
A great CD with a promise of assurance that Stuarty is the king of
Ireland showbiz!

This CD is his best yet. It's awesome. This is a pure, heartfelt CD.
I can't help but smile as I sit at my desk and just listen. Chris Blair
& Stuarty come together again. This time for a cover album that  will 
haunt you, as it features great writing and great music, and we all 
know that that is very rare in this day and age!

Driving down the road, and being in the passenger seat I don't mind
being caught in traffic with this playing. "Halfway To Paradise" 
makes your feet get tapping and your fingers start strumming.

This CD has it all, Stuarty at his best. The only bad part, is the songs
are over before you know it. The music is unbelievable. And, as a 
bonus, check out the hidden poem within the disc! It's very powerful.

This album is so, so awesome.

I was informed about this project early last year and anxiously awaited
the release of BACK IN TRACK and I really do enjoy listening to it. 
Stuarty is a natural talent-he sings with such emotion in his voice. 
There are some songs on the album that are just too good to be limited 
to a British release. (I may want to take this and his next production 
and release them here in America myself!) Stuarty J. Beck is signed to 
a rock and roll recording label in England because if he wasn't I 
WOULD release them here! He's that good!

Many of the songs seem to reflect personal experiences/feelings 
and thus it has an up/down mood. He is a GREAT artist and 
capable of demanding superb songs like these. 

The album is a solid effort, although it truly would be a spectacular 
one with all of Stuarty's original tunes. I remember back in 1991 
in a home the recording company rented for us both of us we were 
writing songs like they were going out of style! ( I successfully got 
him signed to the label days later!)

I'm not disappointed with his version of these wonderful timeless 
songs brought into the 21st Century with style. I especially loved the 
production quality. A real treat for any music fan, I highly recommend it.
CD available, email Stuarty's manager Janet Lloyd.

Billy Tweedie

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