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SIANNA LYONS 'Songland' Produced by Federico Gonzalez.
Scimitar Records LKP-22716
Review by Billy Tweedie

Sianna Lyons is a precious rarity. She's one of the few performers today
whose work is both truly progressive and commercially viable-that she
will be a worldwide superstar and still unable to crack U.S. radio at
this point is a travesty. Though "Songland" can be darker, moodier and
more esoteric than anything you have heard by say Tori Amos or the
superb Kate Bush, the album kicks off with her best shot at
chart-breaking yet; "Come" is a mystical, sinuous single with Sianna's
sultry voice gliding over warm synths and the soft pounding of a track,
a rich song that becomes more compelling with each listen.

On "Disappear," she experiments with the story of a little girl who is
too scared to shed her tears with intriguing results. Also check "Lover"
and the ballad "We" with some of her purest vocals. "We" rides to the
tune of a wonderfully infectious chorus refrain. Sianna's residence on
music's fringes won't be lasting much longer. One hopes MTV-ever on the
lookout for video stars-won't be solely responsible for bringing one of
the world's most talented (and beautiful) recording artists to the
masses. In the boldly experimental, ominously lovely "Disappear," the
dreamy, fretless arrangement weds an uncanny feeling of dread and fear
with verbal directness while displaying a melodic sense that's in peak
form....This experiment is a Masterpiece. Few female vocalists are as
instantly memorable as Sianna Lyons. Whether following an ebullient pop
rhythm or leading a sparse line, Sianna's girlish, sultry voice is
capable of changing the texture and mood of a song with a single breathy

On "Songland", her debut album is silky, sexy and totally wonderful in
every context. Sianna (and her producer Federico Gonzalez) rearranges
pop convention to suit her artistic vision, exploring an intimate range
of emotional expression along the way. I feel that the album has been
centered on eroticism and seduction, but in a more romantic setting,
feeling its way through an adventurous series of rhythms and melodies
like a young couple meeting for the first time. There are no set rules,
and Sianna enthusiastically mixes schmaltz with chutzpah, as on "Lover,"
where dissonant guitar squalls and an ominous bassline merge with weepy
strings, murky keyboards and emotive vocals.

Even on touching cuts Sianna can't resist mingling background harmonies
and naive yearings with heart-tugging vocals, atmospheric keyboards and
slow, tribal beats. "Songland" is quite simply a bold, sizzling triumph.
The lyrics are painfully personal and the way in which Sianna delivers
them is heart wrenching. Her voice ranges from breathy secrets to almost
incensed shouts, expressing words the way you would whisper to a lover
-- or shout at an enemy. The instrumentation reverberates with the
loneliness and universality of the words themselves.

 Her vox is feminine and provocative. Each song tells a familiar story
of the woman and her journey. They all meant something special to
me..... I can honestly say that I have never heard a more haunting and
poignant song than "Susan". It still brings tears to my eyes. You must
buy the album to witness the power of this haunted track. "before I trap
you in my lair, take my lion's share, you better hope this feeling
subsides, otherwise...." These are some lyrics from the wonderful
"Otherwise" that is full of passion and lust for Mr. Right! Of course, I
can try to describe a million songs with one sentence but it would do
none of them justice. The only way to express the essence of Sianna
Lyons is by listening to her own words.

Pearl Jamís "Black", (the only cover on the album) rips your heart out,
not by the words but by the vox and pure heartbreak in Sianna's voice.

"Songland" to me has been the most powerful debut album I have heard in
years! The songs have become a part of me, as her voice sings with
yearings of sadness and joys to the little boy down the street, broken
and alone......not even Tori Amos or Kate Bush can do that to this

Sianna will thrive as one of music's most enduring, valuable and
cherished artists. You MUST get this album, you MUST play this album
till you know every lyric on every song! It is virtually impossible for
me to comprehend anyone not liking...not LOVING, this artist! 

Listen to some of the tracks here 


and visit Sianna at her site