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Here is Logan D's story.


Logan D. grew up in the small town of Jonesboro, AR as David Brooks. 
He began singing at the age of 5 with his sisters in church. At
that time, he didn't know that music would be such an amazing influence
on his life. All he knew was that he loved to sing. As he got older he
began to see how much of an impact music had on the world around him. He
saw people like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince leaving their mark
on society thus inspiring him to become an entertainer. At the age of
12, Logan knew that his dream was to be a star!

From that point on, Logan worked on his craft, trying to find his
own sound and identity. However, because of his strict religious
beliefs, he began pursuing a career in Christian music, though his heart
was set on pop/r&b. After a lot of spiritual warfare over his true
desires and what he was taught to believe, Logan decided to follow his
heart and work on creating his pop music career. It wasn't long before
he was doing what he loved. And that is when his golden opportunity
came. He was watching MTV when he heard about the reality based TV show
they were producing called Making the Band. It was a show about the
formation of a male pop group (the group now known as OTOWN.), and they
were holding auditions all over the country. Logan decided to travel to
Nashville and audition, making all the way to the top 25 and an
appearance on the show.


After his appearance on the show, Logan decided to move to Florida
and continue to pursue his music career, still unsure of his direction.
"All I knew at that time was that I had something to offer other people.
I knew that if I could just be heard, people would listen." So he did
what every young man was doing at that time... he joined a boy band.
After internal conflicts with the other band members, he decided to
leave the group and move back home to regroup.

Soon Logan was well on his way to a successful solo career.
Performing at various functions around his hometown, he became a local
celebrity of sorts. However, a phone call soon came that would change
his life forever. He was asked to move to Houston, TX to be a part of
the male pop group, SuRReal. Following his heart, Logan decided to make
the move. He signed a contract with Liner Entertainment and became the
final member of the pop group, changing his name b/c of an original
members name being David. After several months, Logan once again found
himself unhappy with his environment, and felt in his heart that he was
meant to be a solo entertainer. "I just knew without any doubt that I
didn't belong in that group. Too many egos and too much lack in
dedication made me realize that in order for me to be successful, I had
to be alone. So I left. It was an easy decision." Logan stayed in
Houston where he now resides. He has recently finished his solo demos
and is putting together an EP to sell. He is currently gearing up for a
summer tour and is working toward his ultimate goal... signing a
recording contract with a major label.

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