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On-line Strategy and Presence
by Billy Tweedie

The Internet offers musicians of all styles and abilities immediate and
personal access to a truly global market. But as the dot-com industry
matures and comes under increasingly more critical scrutiny, it becomes
clear that in some businesses...particularly the music business...a web
site on its own just isn't enough. In most cases, musicians want to play
live. Even those who only record or do studio productions still need to
reach their desired audience...where ever they may be. And to do that,
your audience has to know you exist, what you're up to, what you've got
to offer and how they can get it. That's why, although Billy's
Entertainment World continues to develop its on-line strategy and
presence, it also continues to apply the 11 years of expertise at hand
in developing more traditional and “real-world” marketing and management
services for a varied range of musicians and other creative clients.
Billy's Entertainment World can provide its managed clients and artists
with a full range of professional marketing, PR, media relations and
advertising services designed to work in conjunction with the artists’
own creative ambitions and the expanding global potential of the
Internet itself. Merging traditional media and marketing with the
on-line abilty to track and target niche markets and individual
interests, Billy's Entertainment World is the only dot-com music
promotion company that can truly offer musicians a complete marketing
and management service both on and off-line.
All this and presently: NON PROFIT!
Billy's site currently works for a variety of clients ranging from
musicians to promoters, venues to producers, arts
organisations to other agencies. If you have a project that could
benefit from the site's resources and professional skills, send Billy
Tweedie a synopsis by email.
email at:

written by Billy Tweedie ©2001 

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