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Nsync Celebrity Tour in Boston, MA at the Fleet Center
April 16,  2002
by Caitlin Leahy

and wait patiently. Once we get inside the venue we go get to out seats. 
Our seats are in  the total nosebleed section! They were so bad and we 
were all so worried that we wouldn't be able to see *Nsync very good. 
But we were wrong. Once the show started the crowd was screaming so 
loud i couldn't hear myself speak. *Nsync sang songs from all their albums 
plus some covers from the Beatles and other great singers! It was so 
amazing to see this concert because it wasn't all made up to be a big 
special effects sort of show. Sure they had a couple fire works here 
and there. But the best thing of all was that the show was focused more 
on the music more than ever! This made the concert to me seem so much 
more better than if they had special effects everywhere! One thing that 
made the concert cool was that they had this stage that they went on 
that was lifted up high so that people who had seats up really high like 
me would be able to see more of *Nsync. Once the concert was over me 
and my friends left the venue feeling pumped! I couldn't hear myself talk 
because of all the loudnessof the concert. We got back onto the train 
and went back home. This was a concert that i will never forget! No one 
can not truly appeciate *Nsync enough until they see them live. You 
get this all new respect for them because they put so much hard work 
and dedication into their work and in the end it's all worth it!

Caitlin Leahy/ Billy Tweedie site (writer) 2002 

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It's the day i go see my third *Nsync concert and I'm so extremely excited! My best friend Chelsey comes with me. She also went to see *Nsync with me during their last Pop Odyssey Tour. We're both big *Nsync fans! Very devoted! We leave around noon for our almost 3 hour drive to Boston because we're from Maine. So we finally get there and we meet up with my cousin and her two friends. Our parents drop us off at the train stop and within the next half hour we are on the train on our way to the most awesome concert ever! When we got to the Fleet Center it was complete and utter chaos! There were endless lines of fans waiting to be able to get to their seats and see *Nsync. So we go all the way to the end of the line