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Is the Music Biz for you?
by Billy Tweedie  
Music moves us and unites us. There aren't many art forms as expansive,
evocative, or powerful. Thatís why, around the globe, artists are
embraced, honored, and even envied. 

The life of a musician looks like a glamorous one to those on the
outside, so it's no wonder why so many young people have hopes and
dreams of breaking into the music industry.  Popular 'reality' shows
like Making the Band and Popstars have added fuel to those desires,
making it look so easy.  The cold hard truth is that breaking into the
music business isn't easy.  Many musicians never find the fame and
fortunes they set out to achieve.

Unfortunately, no one drops from the sky a rock star. Itís very hard
work and breaking through can be a long and frustrating struggle.  If
that hasn't scared you away from your aspirations, here are some tips
and advice for struggling artists. 

Be sure to continue reading, as you might be surprised at some of these

General Tips and Advice for Aspiring Musicians

Don't rush things. 
It takes more than just a few weeks to become a star.

Be realistic.  
Ambition is important, but becoming an overnight success
rarely happens in the music business.

Develop your skills.  
Fine tune those vocals, instrumental skills,
songwriting and even your image. Perfect yourself before you begin to
look for a manager.

Get honest opinions.  
Ask your friends and family to listen to your
music and find out what they really think.

Always look at how you can improve your songs and performance.

Read music magazines. 
Find out what's going on in the music industry by
browsing magazines.

Don't rush things.  
Did I already mention this?  Yes, because it's very
important advice.  Sending out demo tapes to record companies 
too soon is a common mistake. Most end up in the trash!!!!!

Don't ever send a tape to a record company or music industry person
unless you have called them first and they say it's okay to send a tape.

Develop contacts.  
Sometimes it's just a matter of who you know in the
industry.  It's also important to have journalists on your side for
decent write-ups and reviews, like our very own Henry G. Angeles!

written by Billy Tweedie ©2001 
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