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William Charles Ferguson Tweedie better known as Billy Tweedie,
is definitely a man in motion. He never stops working, and he never stops dreaming. He just came 
out in this world as hot as newly-cooked cinema popcorn.

Billy's great persona of loving people and artistry is what makes him different from the rest. 
His positive attitude brings him a world full of wonderful people that he can keep as friends for life. He 
started out as a fan, a music fan, a pop icon's fan, in short, a really intense fanatic. A lot of the 
successful movers and shakers in the industry started with this. Billy can be thought of 
as having that fanatic heart within him as inborn.

His passionate love for music, talent and hardwork all came naturally in his life. With his 
extreme dedication for work, time and inspirations, Billy is one great guy who surely will fall at the 
good end of the rainbow. There are a lot more things to say about Billy Tweedie, 
but one thing the world won't ever forget about him is that, he has that "halo" everytime he
pops out and it never wears off. Not everyone can be totally real, but he as a reality is a rarity. 

His unparalleled determination and staying power is truly admirable. Billy as a writer, a promoter, 
a manager, a star and a good friend is truly more than just extraordinary. His chartbusting
performance for promoting new talents and getting them exposed to the wide wild world of music 
biz has led him to a peak of popularity among the recording circle.

This site and all the glitters you see are all the hardwork of this man. Unimaginable. Two-thumbs up! 
Truly wonderful! Billy started like any other aspiring individual who wanted to hit the scene.
He was working for various record companies when he arranged for artists at various TV and 
radio stations in the UK, Ireland, and Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Billy got the tasks of a talent scout, 
a manager, and a reliable promoter. Once the interviews were granted, he would take the artists
to and from various stations. He brought artists to and from one night stand gigs to promote their 
recordings. Everything was FREE for the artists' part! He was an excellent promoter then and now.

He helped giving great exposure for new records and materials throughout UK and Ireland radio stations.. 
He met DJs and program managers for lunches.  Billy considers work as a feeling to be enjoyed, a 
feeling to move forward, to stand proud and to be more than just who you are. Billy enjoyed 
everything he did as part of the steering teams of the recording companies. He has toured the entire
UK and Ireland with artists officially signed to the record label. If he wasn't doing the above, he was 
constantly on the phone arranging tour dates, press interviews, photos to be printed and autographs, 
photo sessions and generally keeping the artists in front of the media. 

As a whole, it would be difficult to to go into exact detail of all that Billy has done, for he has definitely 
done almost everything. He can almost be called a recording company himself - as he has done 
certainly such an ultimate job, and it was near perfect. He did the A&R, Artist Development,
Tour Support, Tour Agent, arranged personal appearances and touring gigs in every major city 
and record shop along the way! With all these fantastic hardwork experiences that he has had, 
no doubt that there would be plenty of big name individuals who would want to work with him. 
For he is certainly a gem in showbusiness. 

Did you know that Billy became a CEO of companies' professional team before? Yes he was. 
He was in charge of the complete tour. He was the person who got the acts onto the right tour, 
ensured that the agent was making the best possible deals for the artists. Once the tour was set up, 
he had to coordinate transportation of people and equipment, hiring the crews,  booking hotels, 
collecting money, dealing with other promoters, and putting out whatever fires cropped up. The  
touring expenses include advertising, rented facilities, personnel (i.e. ticket takers, cleaners, ushers, etc),
insurance, security, ticket printing, stage crew, limousines for the artists, catering for the artists 
and crew, the all important  public performance license for the music being performed, and 
medical coverage.

He made sure everything ran smoothly for his acts as road manager! This included hotel reservations, 
airline tickets, rented buses for transportation, and made sure that the acts were where they were
supposed to be. It was his job for collecting  the money due for each show and depositing it in the 
right places. You have to sell a lot of records to make sure that you have a full house! You won't 
make any money in personel appearances until you sell a lot of CDs. Billy has found that you only
tour in order to sell CDs, and this in time will make you a  major star.

There are of  course a few exceptions to this rule. Some acts sell few records, but pack concert halls. 
Others sell millions of  records, but can't fill an auditorium. He's found that acts at the beginning lose 
money on touring, as they are unknown. He was in constant contact with production and manufacturing 
of the actual CD, cover printing, assembly, and shipping of the recorded products to the world-wide 

Billy isn't just within the forceful operatives of getting the acts together. He has a sharp 
mind that tells a lot of ways and options. He has a great marketing sense that 
proves a lot of what he knows in show business. It takes someone that has been in 
showbusiness for a long time to have this talent. Billy is definitely a rarity. You can
call it a one man show if you would prefer, but Billy is absolutely just a natural.

You may want to ask where Billy got his degrees.  American Education University of Pittsburgh, 
1994 graduate of the International Entrepreneurial Skills Development Program. He took up 
British Education from early 1970's to mid 80's. He was  Top Student in most subjects. He 
studied Drama at the world-famous University in "Queens" in Belfast,Northern Ireland, UK. 
Billy still continues to be an achiever.

Currently, Billy is still the machine as one can always remember. A machine that never stops, 
but apart from all the machines, he is the gold among the rocks. With a halo that shines, 
that's the justification for a full mailbox everyday, and for the unsolicited appreciation the
music industry gives to him.

The reality of Billy Tweedie is hard to find. He never leaves anything or anyone behind.

His working and personal life both have extraordinary stories to tell. His vast experience 
in showbusiness has given him more edge to cut into the scene. With his impressive work 
background and positive outlook, no doubt, every company giant will truly love him and 
keep him. So give him a try! You can keep this page, print it, cause it just says the facts.

Billy holds in store a lot of surprises. That's what all the glitter is about.
We call him the glitter man.  For just everything that he does and thinks, he just shines.

Henry G Angeles
music journalist
personal witness of the Glitter Man
The Glitter Man
Who is Billy Tweedie?