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Michael - My best friend, the most patient man alive!!! I donít know how
you do it. You work so hard, stay so handsome, help me 90% of the time,
help me with MY business, and still stay so sweet and patient with me! I
know I am a handful and am ALWAYS insanely busy! Thanks for
understanding and believing in my dreams. I love you, my dearest and
bestest friend for seven years of superb friendship
and companionship. Without you my life in America would be very

Mum - Words will never really be able to capture all that youíve given
me and how I feel about you. I canít even imagine what my life would be
like without your love and guidance. Youíve never once doubted me or
my   abilities. Not once, did you ever see anything in me but the good &
the beauty, the inside, (even when at times it was not easy for others
to see) You have taught and loved me so much. There is no way that I
could possibly fail in life with all that you have given me. Thank you,
mother, with all my heart.

Dad - Yes, you played devilís advocate... you were more than a little
concerned about my show biz aspirations. I guess thatís your job as a
Dad.  But, Iíve always known that you were proud of me and loved me, and
your concern only made me strive harder to show you I meant what I said
Iíd do. You taught me strength and perseverance and how dedication to
something can win it over. You taught me the value of working hard, and
yes, it does feel good when youíve done it yourself! You were right
afterall! I love you so much. Iím glad you are a part of my life. But
seriously, please put away my old newspaper cuttings!! 
Mrs Gladie Kell for the years she taught me in school the art of Drama
and who helped develop my love of Entertainment. She is a gem.

Jean and Bob Smiley who have been instrumental in my life here in the
USA. They opened their home to me and have helped me in many ways. 
They are very down to earth and wonderful people who know a good 
guy when they see one!

Carol Otto who I connected with from the very minute I met her at a gym
outside Pittsburgh! 

Tillie Dubnansky 

Steve K 

Sianna Lyons

Jeff Barnholdt

Karen Hoxie

Eric Horstman

Steven Hand

Lisa Seese

Jim and Jan Wood

Myles Antony

John J. Clancy

David L. Cook

Carol Lazar

Janet Lloyd

Stephen Le Ferve

Ronan Kelly

Frances Milstead 
(DIVINE's mom!)

Breige Mc Kenzie

Angus Beggs

Sean Meehan

Eddie McIllwaine

Jill McKenna

Do Petrisin

Lee Sivalia

Monika Ringer

Dawn Smiley

Rickie Wilson

Dennis Buzzell

Florance McKnight

Charlene Kashuba

Dustin Atkinson

Stuart Baxter


Federico Gonzalez

Cameron Gregory



Billy wishes to thank everyone that has 
been a part of his wonderful journey

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Billy Tweedie Jingle Credits
Vocals: Jamie Reeves
Most of all, I thank- God and the Universe, for Love, Light, and the
ability to realize my own dreams.